Vandervelden General Forestry

Vandervelden General Frestry was founded in 1991 by the brothers Gerard and Paul Vandervelden with the objective of logging and a small form of timber trade. Timber was harvested for various timber merchants & factorier, processed into the desired ranges & piled up alongside the road for transport.

This resulted in the fact that the company quickly became shorthanded, and the first workers were hired as permanent employees.

In the late 90's, with the emergence of mechanized logging,  the company chose a different path. It put it's focus on landscaping and land development works. This proved to be a good choice, the company quickly grew to about 10 people.

In 2001 the company was turned into Vandervelden BVBA. Over the years the company grew into a reliable partner for various clients in all segments of the sector: colleagues, nature organisations, Federal & local governments.

The result of all this is that Vandervelden BVBA is active with about 42 people on a daily basis in everything that has to do with nature.

The company is a recognised forest operator on the Belgian market & is recognised in holland by the SKBNL as well as a member of the AVIH. Recently was certified with a VCA** certificate.